Date:October 10, 2013

Ford Galaxy 140 Titanium X Powershift

Ford Galaxy 140 Titanium X Powershift

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Ford Galaxy 140 Titanium x Powershift Auto, satnav, 7 Seats

The Ford galaxy is also a massively practical and luxurious people carrier that has more than enough space to seat seven adults comfortably. Ford has really nailed the balance between driving enjoyment and ride comfort in recent years. From the outside, the Galaxy’s large dimensions may look big and boxy, but Ford’s flagship MPV immediately feels like a much more compact car once you’re behind the wheel. Accurate steering and effective suspension combine with a good driving position to make it surprisingly easy to zip down narrow city streets and navigate around windy country roads, absorbing pretty much all the lumps and bumps you may come across in the process. Luckily, you really can fit two adults in the sixth and seventh seats in the rear, which are normally too cramped in other cars for anyone other than small children. Its practicality really does impress, with a large hatchback boot lid making loading the boot a real doddle, plus all the rear seats can be folded down into the floor to create a massive total load space of 2,325 litres, which is undeniably bigger than any estate car on the market and even rivals some vans out there. And when the seats are up, access to all of them is uniformly good. Finally, the driving position is very good indeed, being neither too high, so that you feel too far away from the road, nor too low, compromising the excellent visibility. In fact, the view out is excellent thanks to narrow windscreen pillars on the front of the car.
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