Date:September 11, 2014

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

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If you are looking for the last word in Supercar rental in London then we have this sensational Lamborghini for hire This Italian supercar nearly does it all – and wraps that considerable talent in a fantastic-looking body. A modern-day masterpiece, The Lamborghini Gallardo hire features an aluminium bodyshell and spaceframe chassis, but you only have to look at it to know it stays true to the Italian company’s history of producing jaw-dropping machinery.

With its blade-like front lights and angular lines, the Gallardo Lamborghini for hire looks squat, aggressive and every inch the supercar. The cabin of this supercar hire has remained largely unaltered, although just sitting in the Gallardo remains an experience to behold. You are low-down, with the windscreen stretching away from you and the dash wrapped around. Audi has waved its magic wand over the interior of this ultimate supercar hire

The paddles for the E-gear sequential gearbox of this hire Lamborghini are well placed behind the wheel, there’s a wide range of steering adjustment and the driving position of the Lamborghini rental car is comfortable. You do find yourself adopting a more laid-back angle than normal, but the cabin is every bit as user-friendly as the 911’s .

Simply firing-up the engine of this super car hire is something to savour – the starter spins frantically for a second before the 5.0-litre V10 comes to life. And once on the move, the hire Lamborghini feels urgent and eager. A sharp throttle response and quick paddleshifts mean acceleration feels akin to the 911’s, while the engine’s soundtrack that accompanies takeoff is far more enjoyable.
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