Date:December 11, 2016

Land Rover Defender Heritage

Land Rover Defender Heritage

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Welcome to 2015 Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition. Our particular Defenders were two of the last ever made. There is nothing quite like a Defender. Many manufacturers have tried – unsuccessfully – to match it over the 68 years it was in production. However, none have ever been able to match the charm of the Defender. Indeed, Land Rover are yet to be able to replace it themselves – such is the importance of getting the new car right. Few people over the course of their lives have not experienced time in a Defender. If you have and you want to rekindle old memories, if you haven’t and you want to create some new ones or if you just require the rugged go anywhere abilities for a jaunt to the countryside, then give Civilised a call today to try one of the very last examples of a true British motoring icon.

Available for hire now with Towbar. Call Civilised today 0207 738 7788!


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